The Process:​

Andrew Marshall Designs will lead you through your design, building plans, approvals, and construction. Each client receives an individual and unique experience that is tailored to reflect your requirements.

Initial Meeting
AMD meets with you to discuss the individual components of the project. Together, we clarify the scope of the work including spatial needs, uses of the home or building, material options and quality, time-frames & budget. This meeting outlines, the services available and determines the level of services that will be required to complete the project. This will provide you with a clear indication of how the project will proceed through the varying phases.

Design Meeting
Once engaged, a more intensive meeting is held to discuss your design requirements. Depending on the project, this can determine requirements right down to number of rooms and the uses for each of those spaces. Spatially we will discuss potential locations of rooms, and the sizes and amenities that are desired. We establish a hit list of wishes, wants, and dreams mixed in with the must haves, hopes and of course budget. We look at the property and assess strengths and discuss possible impediments. This allows us to create a final design that you enjoy to its fullest.

Design Presentation
The first design proposals will present to you our vision of what can be built for you. Various options are typically explored in the plans and elevations so that you can choose what is best suited to your needs and together we’ll decide the best solution for you. Our goal is to give you and the end user a completed building that will satisfy all you personal requirements..
Building Permits & Construction Drawings, Details
Upon completion of the final design for your project, we start the process of getting approvals of the varying agencies. Each project and location is unique and requires different approvals. Zoning clearances, site plan approval, committee of adjustment, conservation authority, urban forestry, heritage and building permit are just some of the approvals that may be needed. It is sometimes necessary to attend the Committee of Adjustment for relief from the zoning bylaws. Once zoning matters are dealt with, building permits are obtained. We take care of all these requirements for you. Additionally, various external consultants such as surveyors and engineers may be required. As an experienced Architectural Technologist firm, we expertly navigate these processes on your behalf. AMD handles most approvals but delegates to other experts when needed. During this process we produce the detailed drawings for the project so that the final construction prices can be obtained.

Construction Reviews
During construction, the main inspections are carried out by the building inspectors. Optionally, you may have AMD provide site reviews to ensure that quality of workmanship and adherence to the drawings is being performed. Additionally, AMD is your advocate to mediate any issues that might occur. We work on your behalf to ensure that the building that you have decided to have built is completed as expected. As principal leader on projects we can coordinate information from other consultants, our client and the contractor. Experience shows the best results are through teamwork. 

Drawings & Site Information
For renovations, the first step starts with a detailed measurement of the existing home or building.  Depending on the project, the measures generally take 2-3 hours. Existing building information such as structure, room sizes, special features and  encumbrances are noted.  Each project has unique issues that need to be properly documented.

Construction Verrification
Construction site verification is sometimes needed to  assist the contractor. A quick site meeting with the contractor, or a phone call can easily avert issues from misinterpretation. We often unofficially stop by projects if near to another project we're working on.